Sunday, February 20, 2011

gotta get away

Hubby and I took off this weekend. We went away. Far enough away that we needed a hotel. Three days worth of away.

Of course, we went to a pest hole. Entire blocks of vacant buildings. Random vehicles with sirens wailing driving around with no real purpose at all hours. And I might have been hit on/accosted by a homeless man. In the "nice" part of town. But still. It was away.

This was our gourmet dinner. And we were stupidly lucky to find it. We were just about to give up looking for someplace to eat, and maybe even drive back to the toll road rest stop Panera. But God had mercy on us, and plunked a Jimmy John's down, right in the midst of the pest hole.

This? This was a downright, absolute, I might have shed a tear, miracle.


I also got to see this.

It's one of the cars used on U2's Zoo TV tour. (Duh.) And I got to see U23D again. And lots of other bits of music history on display.

And the real reason for the whole trip?

Hubby won tickets to a private Sting concert. As in Sting. His man-crush. My husband-in-law.

Kinda made it worth three days in a pest hole.

(PS - more later...)


Lyndsay said...

I didn't realize it was *private*! How many people?

InTheFastLane said...

Sorry about the dirt hole.. but FUN! And the fact that their was a Jimmy Johns and a Starbucks just about puts everything else right.

~L said...

cool! concert with Sting, your favorite coffee, people watching...sounds like a good weekend getaway to me!