Wednesday, November 30, 2011

these people are awesome

It must be kind of hard to be these people. They stand outside for hours on end, in all kinds of weather. People who pass their field of vision are often annoyed with them (for what reason, I'm not sure). Many people try very hard to not even look at them, let alone make eye contact. And really, none of that seems like it would make for a very fun day.

But these people? They do it. They stand out for hours on end, in all kinds of weather, as not very nice people pass by. And they smile at those people. And they wish those people well. It seems that they are the ones who get it, what this season is really all about. It's about giving of yourself. It's about helping those less fortunate. It's about smiling at strangers and wishing them well. It's about sending some positive energy out into the universe.

And me? I try to follow their lead. I smile back, thank them for their well wishes, and wish them well in return. If I have some spare change in my pocketbook, I toss it in the pail. And I try to send some love and light out into the world. Just like they do.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

they don't call it magic for nothing

On the weekends, I run around all. day. long.

Everything that there is no time to do during the week must be done on the weekends. And it seems that it takes every second of the weekend to get it done.

Then the week starts and there's all the endless stuff that takes up every second of the week. And then it's the weekend again. And on it goes, moving and turning and swirling until I'm just dizzy and tired and want to crawl into bed and stay there. Maybe forever.

I can't remember the last time I sat down on the couch for more than the amount of time it takes to pull on a pair of socks.


Somehow, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, all of that changes. Somehow, time appears.

I realize this is counter to basic common sense, and maybe even popular opinion. I don't understand what kind of strange quirk in the time/space continuum exists that allows me to find extra time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I quit trying to understand it or figure it out some time ago.


In the next month, I will magically find time to watch approximately 14 movies, even though I haven't found time to watch even one in the past four months.

I will find time to read four novels.

I will find time to sit and sip tea and/or cocoa and listen to music and look at pretty lights (seriously! just sit! without doing anything else!).

I will find time to bake endless amounts of cookies, and then decorate them, frost them, dip them in chocolate and otherwise fancy them up.

I will find time to do and see and go and lots of other things that I don't even know about yet.

And some how....

All of the endless stuff that always needs to be done will still get done.

I guess it's all part of the holiday magic...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

so we went to see the holiday windows....

Off into the Big City we went. Two small town folk. On a big adventure. All to see the grand, glorious storefront holiday window displays. (You know, before all the large, pushy holiday crowds show up.)

And this is what we got.

Okay then!

Anyone care to explain? Guess? Conjecture?

Magicians? Fairies? Alchemists? Snow people? Phyllis Diller impersonators?

And what is with the guy "riding" the rather large telescope/sextant/rocket thingy?

Because I still just don't get it.

I guess nothing says "holidays" like magical fairy Phyllis Diller impersonators astride large quasi-phallic mystery instruments....


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Sunday, November 20, 2011

something fun (in air quotes)

It was recently suggesting that I be part of a large group of people who all get together to do "something fun."

Everyone in the group is someone I love dearly. (Do you feel the "but" coming here?)


When I think of doing "something fun," I think of one of these scenarios:

  • Going running
  • Going hiking
  • Going biking
  • Going somewhere that serves warm beverages and good food, and people talk in quiet voices
  • Sitting on the couch to watch a movie (although I'm super picky about what movies I'll watch)
  • Going to the movies (although I'm super picky about what movies I'll watch. oh, wait....)
  • Sitting in my chair with a book and a cup of tea and no one bothering me
  • Sleeping

The time frame on all of these things is the same:

  • morning
  • afternoon
  • gets me home before 7:30
  • (except sleeping... I'll do that whenever.)

This does not put me in the majority, I know.

And it does not mean that I don't like to see my friends and family and such. I do.

And it does not mean that I'm not open to doing other things. I am.

But sometimes I feel like people think that I'm supposed to just think that their version of fun is fun for me, too. That I'm supposed to just say "yes" because that's what the majority wants to do.

But I've come to a place in life where I'd rather say "no" than do something I don't want to do. So that's what I do. I say no.

I think this annoys/angers/baffles some people.

I'm not opposed to doing things outside of my limited list of preferences. Really. But I'd like a little give and take, you know? I'd like the people who want me to have their fun to meet me in the middle once in awhile, you know? I don't think I should be the only one to step out of my comfort/happy zone. I'm sure we could figure out something.

But it doesn't generally work that way. I mean, my friends (all five of them) understand my quirks and the reasons for them. Plus they're pretty like-minded. And willing to work with me. But I often get the feeling that the general population is not open to suggestions (even on my birthday).


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I take this stuff seriously.

Maybe too seriously. But, you know, Breaking Dawn (part one) comes out Friday. We had to, you know, be reminded of what was happening.

And really, it was for Hubby's benefit. Not mine. He wasn't sure he remembered what had happened last. Because he's gone along with me for each of the first three movies (for my third time seeing them in the theater) and the writer in him is very interested in how the plot is developing. (Or the hot chicks on the screen. Whatever.)

But, I mean, I didn't go so far as to re-read the books. Since I just re-read them (again) over the summer. So it seemed like re-watching the movies would be sufficient. And a good way to avoid any kind of real responsibility for a few nights. And be really tired for work the next day. For a few days.

But sometimes, you've just got to do what you've got to do.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011


Yesterday I made a warm, creamy, casserole for dinner. One with veggies and croutons and tofu. There was a sugared pumpkin candle burning and some Mozart playing in the background. The lights stayed low, because bright lights are dumb.

And Hubby said I am very good at making it feel like a holiday, even though it isn't.


Today I was making chocolate chip cookies and Hubby was making curried carrot soup; both of us in the kitchen that isn't really large enough for one person to be cooking in. But for maybe the first time ever, everything flowed. We weren't bumping into each other. Each was able to move for the other when it was needed without sighing loudly or grumbling quietly. Nothing was spilled or dropped or burned or scalded.

The sugared pumpkin candle was burning again, and (my boyfriend)Josh Groban was singing quietly in the background.

And we had curried carrot soup with pistachio cream on top for dinner. And chocolate chip cookies for dessert. (And as an appetizer. Whatever.)

And Hubby said I am good at making it feel like a holiday, even though it isn't.


It isn't a holiday. Not yet. But I think the magic is settling in anyway.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

so the conversation went like this....

Hubby: Remember when went hiking this past summer?

Me: Yeah.

Hubby: And it was so hot the backpacks slid off our shoulders, and the water bottle slid out of our hands. Because we were so sweaty. And you started to cry one time. Because you were so hot. And the one time I was starting to get dehydrated. Because I was so hot. And sweaty.

Me: Yeah.

Hubby: This is better.


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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

chai drinking spot

I'd never bought pumpkins or mums before. I've always thought they looked so lovely at other peoples' homes. But I somehow decided it would be a waste of money to buy things that I was just going to throw away in a month.

Then it occurred to me that I buy lots of things that are a much bigger waste of money.

Plus mums were on mega sale at the local feed and garden store. And pumpkins were cheap at the orchard. And I wanted to sit out on the recently created patio on a cool evening, surrounded by pumpkins and mums, and drink some chai.

So I bought a mum and some pumpkins.

I'm glad I did.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

first (joy)

Today is November first.

In my mind, this is the official start of The Holidays.

It is no secret that The Holidays is my favorite time of the year. I look forward to it from the minute it's all over until the minute it arrives again. And yet, I'm never one to rush it. I'm happy to go through the whole cycle of the year, enjoying all that comes with it, and then just be a little extra happy when we hit November first again. I don't like to force it. (Except for the whole having my Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving, but that's just practical.) I like to anticipate, then revel.

This year? I've been kind of a gun jumper.

I've already purchased holiday themed Gladware, under the pretense that it will all sell out so fast, I should just get it now before it's gone. Because, you know, there was some serious threat of that happening in October.

I may have "accidentally" let a few holiday songs slip into a long run playlist.

I am struggling to not watch holiday movies. Because I could so go for some Elf.

Why? Why can I just not wait this year?

Hubby has a theory. He thinks that because this year has been one of struggle, and a measure of unhappiness, that I'm overly anxious for something that will bring me joy. So I am trying to hurry up the holidays to get a little joy fix.

When he first said it, I wanted to scoff.

But then I realized that it might not be too far off.

Actually, it might be right on.

And then I further realized that was fine with me.

Because The Holidays do bring me joy. And I do want to feel a bit of joy right about now. For more than just a day or an hour or a moment.

For a whole season.

And maybe even more.

So, let me be the first wish you a happy holidays.

And more than a little joy.