Wednesday, November 30, 2011

these people are awesome

It must be kind of hard to be these people. They stand outside for hours on end, in all kinds of weather. People who pass their field of vision are often annoyed with them (for what reason, I'm not sure). Many people try very hard to not even look at them, let alone make eye contact. And really, none of that seems like it would make for a very fun day.

But these people? They do it. They stand out for hours on end, in all kinds of weather, as not very nice people pass by. And they smile at those people. And they wish those people well. It seems that they are the ones who get it, what this season is really all about. It's about giving of yourself. It's about helping those less fortunate. It's about smiling at strangers and wishing them well. It's about sending some positive energy out into the universe.

And me? I try to follow their lead. I smile back, thank them for their well wishes, and wish them well in return. If I have some spare change in my pocketbook, I toss it in the pail. And I try to send some love and light out into the world. Just like they do.

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Heart2Heart said...

I agree! The Salvation Army is one of the few organizations we contribute too because they donate most of their collections directly to help those in need unlike those that only offer a 1% donation of what they collect.

I applaud your post and wish them well whenever I see them, even if it's only in passing by through the window of my car, I will smile and wave!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Stacia said...

I always try to smile, too, and give a little bit. I think about how cold they must be and what other things they'd rather be doing and a smile and a buck seems like the least I can do, you know?

Lyndsay said...

Wow! Amazing that you captured that moment! Seriously. Amazing. This needs to be in a magazine or an editorial or something.

Could not love it more.

PS - my word verification was "bifferoo". Could not love that more either.