Monday, December 5, 2011

I guess "happy holidays" means different things to different people

So, I asked my lovely co-workers to help me out by bringing in their old catalogs and sale advertisements. I'm working on an activity in which we'll compare how much various items cost in 1932 and how much the same type of items cost now.

I received lots of Menards, Kohls, and Target ads from the Sunday paper. But a few catalogs caught my eye.

This one, in particular, looked interesting...

The Vermont Country Store catalog was like a little treasure chest of yester year. So many things that I remember my Grandma owning, or that I played with as a child could be found within it's pages.

Things like this Christmas candle chime thing that used to fascinate me when I was small. I could watch it for hours!

And ohmygosh, it's a Slush Mug! These were so awesome!

And don't think we didn't consider ordering our very own Muumuu!

This brought back memories of making our own radio shows when we were kids.

You can order Necco Wafers, rotary phones, that pot holder loom thing (that I would spend hours weaving but could never figure out how to remove from the loom...)... All kinds of wonderful treasures!

But then, as I continued to skim through the catalog, this picture caught my eye...

It was on a page with things like Smith Brothers Cough Drops and medicine to stop shingles from itching. And I thought "Oh how funny! Didn't they realize what that looks like?"

And then I looked a little closer, and... Wait. What!?!

I guess they did realize what that looks like.

All right then!!

So. If you've not yet finished your holiday shopping, The Vermont Country Store might just be your one stop shopping gold mine.

Take it from this testimonial:

(Thank God I looked through all of the catalogs before I moved forward with the project.....)


Lyndsay said...

I was going to comment on how we had one of those candle-chime things but I don't remember it ever working properly.
But then. Um. Wow. Okay.
It's nice that they've included the batteries.

InTheFastLane said...

And my friend and I used to make "radio shows" all the time. She told me a few years ago, that she still had many of the mini cassettes that we used. Good memories, except that one part...

Heart2Heart said...

I love my candle chime! Some of these are definitely a blast from Christmas pasts!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat