Sunday, December 18, 2011

snow time

Yesterday the weather cooperated.

I woke up to snow. Covering the ground. And I smiled, non-stop, because of it.

And I put on my hat and scarf. And I pulled up my Christmas playlist. And I went out and played (ran) in the snow. And I smiled non-stop because of it.

Today the snow is gone. Of course. It was sunny and just warm enough to melt it all away.

But I'm choosing to optimistic that it will be back soon.

I smile just thinking about it.


Bacardi Mama said...

You sound like me. I was so happy when I looked outside. It will be back. I hear it's supposed to be another hard winter. That's okay. It will take till March before I get sick of it.

Kirsten said...

I'm jealous. My girls are jealous. We had an inch back in October and nothing since.

Lyndsay said...

We had a bit of snow fall yesterday, and even I (winter-hater) must admit that it looked quite lovely. Ours is supposed to melt tomorrow, but I am hoping we'll get a bit more before the weekend.