Tuesday, December 13, 2011

snap, crackle, pop...

Do you ever just want to scream? Long and loud?

Why can't we?


Why can't we?

Why is it that it is okay for other people to treat us with meanness and spite, with rudeness and disrespect, like we are no better than trash under their feet, when they have absolutely no clue?

And are we really supposed to be kind and civil and take it?

And why is the person designated to have our back in these situations completely invisible?

And why are we not allowed to have our own backs, and stand up for ourselves?

And how long am I reasonably expected to keep this up before I fully and completely snap?

I think the answer might be 12 years....

But I'm trying. Really. I'm trying.


Lyndsay said...

Um... eeks.
I preferred the happy, warm, cozy, holiday posts.

((hugs) my friend.

InTheFastLane said...

12 years....
I am not good not standing up for myself, even though my job is to diffuse and calm. sometimes I think that a little self medicating might be the answer.