Tuesday, November 1, 2011

first (joy)

Today is November first.

In my mind, this is the official start of The Holidays.

It is no secret that The Holidays is my favorite time of the year. I look forward to it from the minute it's all over until the minute it arrives again. And yet, I'm never one to rush it. I'm happy to go through the whole cycle of the year, enjoying all that comes with it, and then just be a little extra happy when we hit November first again. I don't like to force it. (Except for the whole having my Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving, but that's just practical.) I like to anticipate, then revel.

This year? I've been kind of a gun jumper.

I've already purchased holiday themed Gladware, under the pretense that it will all sell out so fast, I should just get it now before it's gone. Because, you know, there was some serious threat of that happening in October.

I may have "accidentally" let a few holiday songs slip into a long run playlist.

I am struggling to not watch holiday movies. Because I could so go for some Elf.

Why? Why can I just not wait this year?

Hubby has a theory. He thinks that because this year has been one of struggle, and a measure of unhappiness, that I'm overly anxious for something that will bring me joy. So I am trying to hurry up the holidays to get a little joy fix.

When he first said it, I wanted to scoff.

But then I realized that it might not be too far off.

Actually, it might be right on.

And then I further realized that was fine with me.

Because The Holidays do bring me joy. And I do want to feel a bit of joy right about now. For more than just a day or an hour or a moment.

For a whole season.

And maybe even more.

So, let me be the first wish you a happy holidays.

And more than a little joy.


Lyndsay said...

Happy Holidays to you too!! I say - whatever makes you happy. Now go start filling that Gladware!

InTheFastLane said...

I Love Christmas...but...I do have a rule about waiting until after Thanksgiving....But, like Lyndsay says, if it makes you happy, it is so worth it.

Anonymous said...

My cousin has Christmas music on her iPod year round. She won't do a strictly Christmas play list until November (well won't admit it if she does...), but the random songs bring her peace throughout the year. Life is meant to be enjoyed - and if that means Christmas music in April - then it's Christmas music in April.