Wednesday, November 2, 2011

chai drinking spot

I'd never bought pumpkins or mums before. I've always thought they looked so lovely at other peoples' homes. But I somehow decided it would be a waste of money to buy things that I was just going to throw away in a month.

Then it occurred to me that I buy lots of things that are a much bigger waste of money.

Plus mums were on mega sale at the local feed and garden store. And pumpkins were cheap at the orchard. And I wanted to sit out on the recently created patio on a cool evening, surrounded by pumpkins and mums, and drink some chai.

So I bought a mum and some pumpkins.

I'm glad I did.

you capture


Treasia said...

Very pretty captured shot. I don't normally go to the expense myself of decorating for the holidays and this year was no exception. But starting next year I do believe I am going to.

Anonymous said...

pretty! if you cut the mums back and put them inside they will come back next year...or something like that :)