Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I wonder, sometimes, where the turning points are in life. The big ones. The ones that change our lives forever. Because I don't think that the Big Events (the ones that everyone sees and hears and knows and celebrates and mourns) are the actual turning points. I think those are just the end results of some random moment that you probably don't even remember, like spilling a little bit of your latte in the parking lot on the way in to work.

I think the actual turning points are just tiny moments; little decisions that seem insignificant, inconsequential at the time. Which parking space should I pull in to? Should I take the early train or the later train? Should I wear socks today or not?

And I kind of wish there was some way to know that you've arrived at a Moment. That you should think long and hard about where you want to sit today in the mostly empty Starbucks, because this decision will alter the course of your life for years to come. Maybe even forever.

Because maybe if I knew that I wasn't just deciding what to have for breakfast but was, in fact, changing my whole life, I might give it a little more thought.

{Or, is it better not to know, but just let your life turn and turn and turn again?}


Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

I wonder if the small moments become so pivotal because they were moments in which we cede control. They are not scheduled stops on our Path From A to B, but rather the times we are open and vulnerable to change, even if it's just a change of the state of mind.

Kirsten said...

Oh yes. Small moments can have vast changes on your life. And maybe in insight you'll see them.

Lyndsay said...

If I thought that deciding what to have for breakfast was going to change my life, I would be a walking panic attack.
I mean, maybe it DOES, but I think I need to just try to roll with it.

Stacia said...

I think the beauty is, you never know what those moments are. And, somehow, that makes making those simple, daily choices a little more ... special.