Monday, October 29, 2012

this and that

 i love that time when i'm training for something.  i love testing my limits, having a goal, working hard, following a carefully laid out plan, structuring around that plan.  that time takes up about half of the year, so i must love it.  and i do.  i really do.


but this?  i love this, too.

not having a plan.  not having a goal.  not working quite so hard.

leaving for a run without knowing just how far i'll actually go, and paying attention to my watch only to be sure i'm back home in enough time to slice some apples and bake some scones before the football game starts...

and put soup fixings in the crock pot...

and settle in for the afternoon with a book and some cocoa.

this is the other half of the year. 

the half that still involves the running that i love, but without all the rules of that half of the year.

this is the half that is more concerned with sweaters and scarves, tea and cocoa and coffee,  cookies and fudge (i am dreaming about the fudge...) , curling up under blankets with a book or a movie.

this is the half that is more about resting and relaxing.


that is really great.

but this?

this rocks.

you capture


Anonymous said...

mmmm makes me hungry now

Verna Lantz said...

Looks wonderful. Especially for a perfect, cool Fall day.

Stacia said...

I was going to comment about how delicious that soup looked. But then you said fudge. Fudge! FUDGE. Yum.