Monday, November 19, 2012

it's tradition

i am a big believer in tradition.
because i believe it provides a sense of security; something on which to be counted.
it give a reason to pause, and breathe, and take stock.
like maybe life is woven together, just a little bit, by tradition.
of course they're different for everyone. which is kind of the beauty of it.

it's been interesting to me, over the past few years, to see that traditions are pliable.

they can bend and stretch to include new family members: spouses, partners, children.

they can grow and become more than anyone knew was possible.

it's been interesting to me, over the past several years, to be part of the emergence of new traditions.

traditions created by the small family unit of hubby and me.

we went into the city, as we always do, the saturday before thanksgiving.

boarded the train early in the morning, peppermint mochas in hand, off to see the storefront windows all done up for the holidays.

we go, spend the day, eat wonderful food (lots of it...), drink warm beverages...

we start the holiday season.  officially.  offically for us, at least.

inevitably, something will make me cry  {because when you walk in to a store, all decorated and ready for the holidays, with trees and lights and holly, and the first thing you hear is the who's down in whoville singing "fa who for ay, da who dor ay, welcome christmas bring your cheer...." how can you not start to cry?} and hubby will smile and shake his head, possibly wondering how he got mixed up with the crazy lady crying in the middle of the store.

we will, hopefully, find something small to add to our home-for-the-holidays.

but mostly we pause, and breathe, and take stock.

we let the magic and beauty of tradition remind us of what's important, and who is important, and why it's so important to pause and remember the importance.

because that's part of the tradition, too.

you capture


Adventures as a Small Town Mom said...

What a beautifully written post.

I'm so excited for the holiday season and start some new traditions with my two little ones!

Anonymous said...

I love every word of this. Every. Word.

RoryBore said...

You've beautifully captured all that is wonderful about traditions and holidays....also, warm beverages.

Meg recommended I stop by for a visit. Glad I did.

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

This post makes me so happy. It puts me in the mood for the holidays, and it gives me such a sense of peace. Even if *out there* is chaos. This moment is peace.

Lyndsay said...

Enjoy your season!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a wonderful tradition. I think I'd start to cry too.

Verna Lantz said...

I love traditions. Old ones, new ones. all of them really. Great post!

Stacia said...

Peppermint mochas! Now there's a tradition I can get behind. Yum!