Monday, August 12, 2013


I am not a cat person.

like, at all.

I couldn't ever give a concrete reason for that.  I've just never really been one for cats.

but... hubby came with a cat.  non-negotiable.

so... for the past eight years, I've lived with a cat.

and the cat?  he crystallized what I don't like about cats.

he is constantly underfoot and in the way.  he follows you around, being loud and obnoxious.  he climbs on things I do not want him to climb on (with his paws that have been in the litter box). the litter box.  did I mention the underfoot and in the way part? 

it's like he tries to be a bother.

and I've spent quite a few years being really annoyed at the cat.  I don't yell (I'm not a yeller), but I huff.  and I speak in exasperated tones.  and I come close to threatening. 

so the cat?  he learned to try and stay away from me.

but one day it occurred to me that I have enough negativity in my life that I cannot control.  why was I letting this cat be another source of negativity to me?

good question. 


I thought about what it must be like for the cat.  he's got hubby and me.  we are his source of everything that he needs.  food, water, friendship, everything.

I thought about what he's really like.  not my I-don't-like-cats filter view, but him.  and he's just not so bad.  he doesn't climb on things like kitchen counters or bed pillows.  and do I really care that he sits on the back of the couch?  and most of the time that he follows you around?  it's to the kitchen because he wants treats.  how can I, of all people, fault him for that?  he's mostly self-amusing, playing with his various cat toys and whatnot.  and that one time there was a mouse inside the house?  it didn't last long.

and so I decided to control the negativity that I can.

I made a conscious choice to be nice to the cat; to make a real effort to like the cat.

at first it was hard, for both of us.  I had to count to ten a few times.  and he seemed kind of confused when I would pet him.

but now?  I think we're kinda friends. 

I walk up to him at least once a day and whisper-yell "he's so fluffy!!!!" while I scratch his chin (he likes that, the chin scratching).  I give him treats pretty much every time I go into the kitchen (so, lots.) 

he sits down next to me when I'm icing my knees.  he wants to sit on my lap when I'm reading a book. 

and  when I woke up in the middle of the night feeling sick and whet to lay out on the sofa?  he came and laid next to me for the rest of the night.

and I was so grateful for his company. 


Heidi said...

My cat always knows when I am poorly and needs to cuddle up with me to make me feel better. Recently I found an interesting article about the frequency of a cats purr being very good for stress relief, lowering blood pressure and mending broken bones! :)

jaime said...

My cat always knows when I need her most. She's good for comfort and she's a really good listener (she never cuts me off like people do.) She also thinks I'm pretty awesome. ;)

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

I'm a dog person. I'm not against cats, per se. Just, I'm a dog person. I did have a cat for a couple of years because I wanted a pet and a dog wouldn't have been feasible. But then Toby moved in with me...and eventually the cat moved out. There are a few cats I really do like, though I gotta say, the ones I like, I appreciate because they act more like dogs. :)

Lyndsay said...

I've never been a pet-person at all really (though I've always preferred dogs to cats).
But now we've got Emma and she's my girl. We all secretly think she likes us best, but I'm the only one she follows around the house. And I like it that way.

Brenda said...

Maybe there is hope for our relationship then!