Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hot Dogs and such

So, it should not be so hard to find a package of vegetarian hot dogs. It should not take two people, four stores, and two towns to find them.

Vegetarians like to eat junk food, too!

And then, when you do find them (on the third day and fourth trip of looking), they should not cost $5.00 for a package of five hot dogs.

Poor vegetarians like to eat junk food, too!

I'm just saying.

Although, seeing as my main activities for the past week have been re-reading all of the Twilight books straight through in a row and watching all the Harry Potter movies to get ready for the big premiere tonight, maybe that was God's way of getting me off the couch.

"Oh, she wants hot dogs? How badly does she want hot dogs?"

Apparently badly enough to search the tri-state area until I found them.

But this house of financially challenged vegetarians will be eating their soy hot dogs tonight!! You will not best me, local grocery stores!!

(And then we won't want them for another year. So, maybe it's not such a big thing to have to hunt for hot dogs once a year. Perhaps I should just enjoy the challenge of it. I'll have to remember that next summer when we go through this again.)

But I have to go now because I have to finish reading Breaking Dawn so I can make the expensive, hard won, vegetarian hot dogs and get to the movie theater for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

And then, maybe tomorrow, I'll go get a life.


Bacardi Mama said...

Your sister went to the midnight show and loved it. Me, not so much. She didn't get home till 3:30 a.m. Why can't I be one of the moms who can sleep when their kids aren't home. Glad you found your "hot dogs". Love you!

Heart2Heart said...

Can't wait to here how you like Harry Potter! We are heading there first thing tomorrow morning before the weekend showings.

I inhaled all my Twilight books in less than a week. I also found the prequel that Stephanie Meyer released from Edwards perspective before she closed her website, called Midnight Sun.

I think I may still have it, you can email me off line and I can try and send it to you.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat