Sunday, July 26, 2009

What I Learned

So, yesterday I learned some things.

Next year, I can either get up early to go run a race OR I can stay up late to go to a concert. But I can't do both. I am so not a kid anymore.

It is possible to run a very slow 10k race and have fun doing it.

When my main food sources of the day are very cheesy, very greasy pizza, cake, and Hot Sam pretzels, my body will not react kindly. I am so not a kid anymore. Oh, wait. I already said that.

Coldplay is a superfantastic band. Okay, so I knew this already. It was just reiterated to me yesterday.

Brits are wittier than the rest of us. This is just how it is. I don't know why.

Zipper earrings are cool again! Just in front of me was a girl of about 12 who was wearing zipper earrings. They were just like the zipper earrings I had when I was about 12, only hers were a little cooler because they were hot pink. Mine were just plain old gold. (Yes. I have a little bit of hot pink zipper earring envy.)

If you're going to need to call your sister when Coldplay performs Talk, then you should have your phone ready to go. Because if you don't, you'll have to look at her number, then remember it because you'll have to dial it manually with a 1 and the area code, and then her phone won't go to voicemail until something like the 17th ring, and by that time, the song is over.

If you don't manage to call your sister when Coldplay performs Talk, you can call her back during Viva La Vida because that song is superb and it will make her teary. Okay, so it makes lots of people teary. Myself included.

If you're going to see Coldplay, it's best to park here:
White is a color that you can generally see though to some degree. So if you choose to wear a white dress, you should really wear a complete pair of underpants, too. If you wear a thong, everyone will see that you are, in fact, wearing a thong. Unless, of course, your goal is to have people see that you are wearing said thong. In that case, mission accomplished Visible Thong Girl!

Hubby has to take pictures at concerts. I am too busy singing and dancing, and I just can't hold the camera that still.

Billions of paper butterflies falling like rain is an absolutely lovely sight.

Paying tribute to Michael Jackson with an acoustic version of Billie Jean is a supercool thing to do.

Wearing a pony tail for 22 hours will cause a massive headache.

Special effects from the 70s are still cool.

If I were my girl crush, Gwyneth Paltrow, I would be married to Chris Martin and have two kids. Not sure how I feel about that. I would miss a husband who was gone that much. And probably be a bit bitter about having the kids on my own all that time. Even with all the help and nannys and stuff. Could I just get her hair to start with?

Some days are just really, really good days.


Bacardi Mama said...

We missed you at the party, but super happy you had a good day! Love you!!

Heart2Heart said...

WOW! Sounds like you had an amazing time! Truer words could have never been spoken as well because as we get older and want to do the things we couldn't when we were younger we find out how things like old age and gravity now work against us!

My advice on your cell phone address book is to program all your numbers now with 1 and the area code since they will all at some point be required to have them and you will be one step ahead of the game in the future.

Plus it will still allow the calls to go through without any additional charges!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

ShowSomeLovin said...

Did the butterfly confetti fall DURING Viva La Vida? Because oh! how teary would i be :)

Thanks for enduring all the trials you had to go through just to get ahold of me as well! - i loved it!!! after 9 when my minutes are free, i can call my voicemail and let my new lullaby lull me to sleep for the next 30 days it will be saved for :) yay!

sounds like a really amazing night - good for you!!!

Lyndsay said...

If only I'd saved my zipper earrings!! I had hot pink ones...yep, super cool... that's me.

Glad you had a fun day!