Sunday, December 6, 2009

List Time (Again) (With photos)

1. I have spent waaaaay too much time in Wal-Mart in the past 7 days. It was productive, for sure. But that's a whole lotta Wal-Mart.

2. Sometimes in Wal-Mart, you find something amazing.

I know! I couldn't not get it! It's a Bono Bag!

3. It feels good to find a pink basketball for the girl whose mother wrote that her daughter wanted a pink basketball.

4. But the mother who wrote that her daughter wanted panty liners for Christmas. Um. We'll have to find something else for her. There has to be a line drawn somewhere in this Christmas for Kids thing. I think we found it.

5. I had the opportunity to spend two hours yesterday talking to Grandma about her life. Just her and me. It was two of the greatest hours ever. She's had one amazing life.

6. Yesterday I ran what was, I think, the single worst race I have ever run ever. Maybe the worst race anyone has ever run. It sucked. I felt awful. I'm glad that's done.

7. Mini muffins are one amazing invention. I prefer to not think how many mini muffins it would take to equal one maxi muffin. I'll just enjoy them.

8. It's becoming harder and harder to convince myself that the puffiness of my stomach is digestive-issue related and not just I've been eating tons of crap related. I'm not sure where I'll go with that. But I do know it's only December 6 and there is still a lot of crap out there in December just waiting to be eaten.

9. Some crap that's waiting to be eaten.
There's a lot of yum in there.

10. I'm inclined to believe that this spot on my sweater sleeve is not water, but oil. I think this because it has yet to "dry." This oil spot will not stop me from wearing this sweater. It will just cause me to point the spot out to friends and passers-by, apparently so they can see how careless I can be when baking. (But I prefer to call it "in the zone.")

11. My hands are so dry right now! I can't quite figure out the hand sanitizer to hand lotion ration that keeps me feeling germ free yet fully moisturized. It's a work in progress.

12. It makes me very happy that this is my view in the morning.


InTheFastLane said...

I have a hard time believing that anyone would be excited to unwrap panty liners for Christmas...seriously?

And while I was at walmart (against my will) I saw snugies for dogs.

Bacardi Mama said...

I knew you were going to say you bought the Bono bag. I'm sure grandma enjoyed her time with you just as much.

Corinne said...

Your tree is gorgeous - and yah, that's a lot of Wal Mart! :)