Friday, March 30, 2012

this one goes to eleven

i love lists, and i love jade. so here is my eleven post.

1. i have a rule that if i'm going to buy something for myself, i have to give up something that i already have. (i stole this rule from the gospel according to larry.) it gets interesting at times, and it really makes me think before i buy.

2. chiropractor gave me a stern talking-to about my poor choices in footwear and how i am doing my knees no favors. so i just did a major shoe overhaul. it was expensive, but he was totally right. i've absolutely noticed the difference. (this made it really easy to give up something to get something. especially since i had to give up all of my old navy flip flops.)

3. today i baked peanut butter honey oatmeal cookies. i've eaten five. so far.

4. i still get angry/frustrated/depressed/jealous that i can't run every day.

5. i really don't like people who do things simply for attention or bragging rights.

6. my biggest fantasy is to have my own little cafe. with best friend as my partner. we would have the most excellent cafe ever.

7. i get restless if i stay at home all day. i feel like i need to go somewhere. i've been known to go walk around the block a few times, just to get out of the house.

8. hubby goes hiking with me every sunday to make sure all the snakes/frogs/lizards are out of the path, and hopefully out of my eyesight. (i mean, he really likes hiking, too. but still...)

9. i feel most happy, most "me", when i'm running, no matter how difficult or unpleasant a run is.

10. this is shaping up into a really good concert summer.

11. i'm aways glad that i give up chocolate for lent, and i always feel a lot better when my system in not so high in sugar. but i'd still kill for some chocolate covered grahams right about now.


jade's questions...

1. If you had to live a homesteading kind of life (i.e. planting all your own food and raising cows and chickens and pigs, etc.), how do you think you’d do?
really, i don't think i'd do too badly. even though i'm not overly fond of digging in the dirt. and, i'm sure hubby would have to be on some serious snake/frog/lizard detail then. okay, so maybe i wouldn't do so hot after all. maybe hubby would have to do all the "outside" stuff and i'd do all of the "inside" stuff.

2. How many boyfriends (or lovers!) did you have before you got married (not counting your husband)?
i always knew there were things i wanted to do and accomplish before i even considered something like a serious relationship. so for ages and ages i didn't have any interest in dating. i figured why bother when i knew i didn't want anything serious. it seemed like it wouldn't be very nice of me to waste someones time like that. so, really, hubby was the first serious relationship i had.

3. If you could drop everything and take a one-week vacation all by yourself somewhere, where would you go? What would you do?
i would go to walden pond and just walk and sit and listen and be.

4. What chore do you hate the most?
that would be all of them. hence the name "chore."

5. What do you wish more people would know or notice about you?
it's funny because i've spent most of my life trying to not be noticed. i don't like show-offs or braggers and i've tried to not be that. but lately i've kind of wished that some people knew about what i accomplished with my running (before the knee rebellion). but i even feel a little weird saying that much, so i guess i'm really just meant to be more of a wallflower.

6. Do you prefer heat or cold?
when you are cold, there are things you can do to make yourself warmer. but if you are hot, there comes a point where all you can do is be hot.

7. Red or white wine?
i still haven't found an alcohol that i like the taste of. i'll stick with water and tea and cocoa and green tea lattes, i guess.

8. What are some of your go-to, easy dishes to cook at home?
get some naan, put some butter and sour cream on it, load it up with roasted sweet potatoes, top with cheese and bake for 5 minutes. or pancakes.

9. Favorite way to unwind?
run or bake or take a book to starbucks. preferably all of the above.

10. What’s your love language? (i.e. do you communicate love through: words of affirmation, acts of service, physical touch, purchasing gifts, or quality time?) Does it match your husband’s?
i'm a mix of words and gifts, and hubby is more of a service person. this has been quite a source of conflict in the past. i think we've got it pretty well worked out now.

11. What is one skill you wish you had learned?
at one point in life, i really wanted to be a figure skater.

(i know there are rules and some tagging is supposed to happen, but most people that i've seen or read have already done this. so.... if it looks like something you would enjoy, go for it! and you can check out jade for the rules. or just check her out anyway because she's awesome.)


Bacardi Mama said...

You also wanted to be Tina Turner.

Chocolate Girl said...

i STILL want to be tina turner!

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

awesome! i started reading the gospel according to larry, btw. i love the author's note at the beginning! peanut butter honey oatmeal cookies sound FANTASTIC. why didn't i ever think of that? especially considering peanut butter and honey is one of my all-time favorite flavor combinations. also that naan, potato, sour cream, and cheese dish sounds awesome.

i'm always fascinated by the homesteading lifestyle and find it romantic...but then i don't think i'd be any good at it at all. but i like your idea to have hubby to all the "outside" stuff and us to do the "inside" stuff. that sounds manageable.

when i get too hot (which, let's face it, is a regular occasion in the "hot season" in thailand), i take a cool shower. so refreshing! the thing i hate most is a cold wind. i feel like i can never get warm when i'm stuck out where wind is involved. :)

this was fun! thanks for joining in! it's such a fun way to get to know more of each other.

Lyndsay said...

I really, really want to come over for tea.

- Welcome to the land of quality, expensive shoes. If you find any nice sandals that accomodate orthotics, please let me know.

- I'm trying to throw something out when I buy something new too. Most of the time I can do it. I'm also contemplating a 365 project where I throw one thing out every day.

- I am currently munching on a bowl of uncooked oatmeal, flax, coconut, honey, peanut butter, raisin concoction. It is delicious.

- What concerts are you going to?

- I gave sugary stuff for Lent. Like ALL treaty stuff - no cake, cookies, ice cream, chocolate for me. I'm really looking forward to some ice cream next weekend. I was hoping I might drop a pound or two in the process, but no.