Sunday, April 1, 2012

fantasy in white

i have this recurring fantasy where i live in the city.

in this fantasy, i am far more stylish and sophisticated and witty and pretty and thin and put-together, just because i live in the city. i have a fabulous apartment, decorated all shabby-chic, in a trendy neighborhood. there is probably a whole foods and a trader joe's nearby. everything is overly expensive, and sales tax is ridiculous, but i have a high-paying yet thoroughly fulfilling job, so it doesn't really matter.

for the record, i do not live in the city. i am a small-town girl. i have been a small-town girl my whole life. i have style all my own, although i probably lack a bit of sophistication (judging by the fact that i might have squealed a little bit last weekend when i saw a preview for breaking dawn part 2). witty and pretty and thin are open to interpretation and in the eye of the beholder. i have a fabulous house that is shabby-chic/eco-friendly/meditation friendly, with a yard and a garage and a basement. i have to drive for an hour to get to a whole foods or a trader joe's, but the local grocery seems to meet our needs (and we can make the trader joe's pilgrimage when we need to). the whole job fulfillment thing is a little fuzzy right now, but i'm working on it(still).

and my city fantasy? it will remain just that. a fantasy. i do love the city. i love to visit and walk and look and shop and pretend. but even more than that? i love to come home to my nice, quiet, (mostly) peaceful small-town life.

you capture


Lyndsay said...

That sounds like a pretty perfect combination!

Stillmary said...

I love the white that you captured in your photos and I really love the insight in your blog. (Although you might have forgotten to emphasize how creative you are.)

Heather said...

I also sometimes fantasize about living in the city...the hustle and bustle, Target nearby, quirky shops and a Cheers-esque bar where everyone knows my name. But then I come home and I realize that reality is much better than the fantasy these days! Lovely words to go with your pictures...thanks for sharing!

Stacia said...

Your house sounds perfect. We strive for eco-friendly, too, though meditation-friendly is nearly impossible with rugrats and furry friends wreaking havoc. =>