Friday, June 29, 2012

a nice ring to it

so, hubby lost his wedding ring.

he took the ring off because he was cleaning the bathroom and was worried it would slip off his finger and down a drain, or be tarnished by cleaning fluids.

he swears he took the ring off and put it into the front pocket of his shorts.  then, when he went to take it out of the pocket of his shorts, post cleaning, it wasn't there. 

he looked everywhere for it; tore the whole bathroom apart (even the drains) (ew), and then the rest of the house, just for good measure.  but it seems as though the ring has just disappeared into the void.  and truly, if anyone can make a ring disappear into the void, it's hubby.  just ask the garage door opener.  (except you can't because it's lost in the void.)

he was unsettled and upset, and ready to head right up to the local jewelry store to buy a replacement ring.  however, being the good wife that i am, i talked him back from that ledge.  after all, a replacement wedding ring at the jewelry store is going to cost a pretty penny (okay, a lot of pretty pennies), and it just seems silly to spend so much on something that is bound to show up someday.

so instead, he got online and ordered a replacement wedding ring.  from  for $19.00.

and yes.  you read that right.

hubby cleans the bathroom.


Bacardi Mama said...

He is such a good guy. Must be why I love him so much.

Kirsten said...

Lucky girl. :)

Lyndsay said...

Is it stuck in the bathmat? Did it fall into some towels and is now at the bottom of your washing machine?
I hope this doesn't turn him off of cleaning. That would be the real tragedy here.