Monday, July 2, 2012

record setting use of "flip-flop"

back in february, chiropractor gave me a nice talking to about my choice of footwear.  meaning he yelled at me because all of my shoes were cheap and crappy.

he gave me a list of guidelines that i needed to follow as i moved forward with the buying of shoes, and strongly suggested i do a major shoe overhaul. 

he also told me if he ever saw me in old navy flip-flops he would kill me dead on the spot.

sadly, old navy flip-flops were my summer shoe of choice. but, i'm not quite yet ready to die, and definitely not over old navy flip-flops.  so, out they went, and i began the process of purchasing some quality summer footwear.

the thing is, old navy flip-flops are about $2.00 a pair.  well made, supportive flip-flops run a little (lot) more than $2.00 a pair.  this meant i had to really maximize my color choices because i could now only afford a few pairs of flip-flops. 

after finding the requisite black and brown, i really wanted gray and neutral.  those four colors could keep me going and match everything.  apparently in the world of high end flip-flops, gray and neutral do not exist.  so instead, in a late februrary, two-for-one, clearence sale, i got silver and gold. 

i've kind of avoided them thus far into summer.  they kind of scared me.  they just seem so silver.  and gold. and shiny.  mostly shiny. 

but yesterday, i had to face my fears and go for the gold (so to speak) because my outfit just did not work with black or brown flip-flops. 

turns out gold is pretty damn neutral.

who knew?

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Bacardi Mama said...

Try Sanuk. They have every color and style known to man and I find them pretty darn supportive with the yoga may bottom.

Rhen @Yes they are all mine said...

I gave up flip flops several years ago. It wasn't easy, but my feet feel better!