Monday, July 16, 2012

silver lining

june?  it knocked us on our asses. 

turning the calendar page to july was nice.  by the time july arrived, the chaos of june had settled a bit.  the upheaval had sunk in and been processed. 

by the time july arrived, we were starting to see the silver lining more than the clouds.

how long had it been since we'd done something together that didn't involve running necessary errands?

how long had it been since we'd been able to sit and enjoy our time in a cafe, instead of hurrying though to get to the next thing?

how long had it been since we'd been able to watch a movie and not worry about how late it would end?

how long had it been since i didn't need to worry about being in bed before eight o'clock or up by 3:30?

how long had it been since we were able to live closer to a circadian rhythm than a forced time frame?

holy wow, it's been lovely.  really, truly lovely.  what filled us with worry just a month ago turned into a gift a mere month later. 

time.  we were given time.

and it won't last.  we both know this.  in a few weeks we'll start to move back toward that forced time schedule, back to hurrying, back to seeing very little of each other.

but for now?  we are enjoying the time. 

even when it means standing in the garage, with a car full of grocery, waiting for a downpour to ease up.

because, for now, we've got the time to wait it out.

you capture


Lyndsay said...

I love this.
I love that you're taking it and rolling with it and making it work for you.

thegirlandthegoats said...

That last photo really caught my eye and made me click on the you capture page. The black and white gives it such a soft look.

Barb said...

I also feel like I didn't ease into my summer pace until July. It's nice. I'm glad it's nice for you too :)

edenhills said...

Glad you are enjoying the time you have. I absolutely love the last shot. Of course, I love anything that has rain right now.

Stillmary said...

Great, interesting post and black and white pictures. The last one is amazing!

Lisa-Marie Jordan said...

Great photos! I love the second one!