Monday, July 9, 2012

dancing screaming itching squealing fevered feeling hot hot hot

it's been hot.  really hot.  really really hot.  like, so hot you have to move the air out of the way before you can walk.  and then when you actually walk, you are instantly dripping with  sweat from the utterly minor movement of it.

i guess it comes with summer, all this hot.  and i know lots of people who love it.  really love it.  wait and wait for it to be so hot.  so summer.

and i've heard many people say, over the past few hot hot weeks, "oh, i need to remember this because in six months, i'll be wishing it was like this again."

and that always makes me giggle, to myself.

because six months ago, when it was cold and there was snow on the ground, i was saying "oh, i need to remember this because in six months i'll be wishing it was like this again."

but hey.  summer's got its good points, too.  (except for, you know, the hot...)

you capture


Tiffany @ No Ordinary Homestead said...

Great captures!
I'm one of those summer girls. I grew up in the heat and I just don't feel at peace without it, year round lol. How I ended up moving from Florida to Germany I will never fully understand :) But it's got its perks too.

Stillmary said...

Great post as usual - poetic and insightful. And I love the last two shots the most. Both definitely say Summer!

edenhills said...

Great summer captures! I like summer, but this recent heat has been way too hot and dangerous for any use.

Stacia said...

Summer makes me grumpy. From April to October (summer lasts six months in these parts), I live in a perpetual state of grump because of the stinking, steamy hot. I do wish I had a fabulous pair of gold flip-flips to cheer me up, though. =>