Monday, March 2, 2009


So, I decided to give up chocolate for Lent. There is no denying that this is a sacrifice for me. But I feel it's a necessary one at this point. I mean, there've been days where I'm just counting the seconds until I can have some chocolate. Okay, so every day, but whatever. I've just not felt myself in quite awhile, and I know my hideous eating habits over the past few weeks (okay, months) are a big part of it. So, out goes chocolate until April 12.

Then I figured while I was at it, why not try a detox? I've played with the idea before, but never actually done it. I've always kind of associated it with drinking lots of water and not eating. But! As I was pondering this, and how I could make it through without killing anyone, I read an article (in Yoga Journal, of all places) about a three day detox. It did involve drinking lots of water (lemon water, to be exact), but it also involved eating. Like, actual meals. And snacks. Granted, not necessarily meals or snacks that would be my first choices, but meals and snacks nonetheless. Then, I read on the Gwyneth Paltrow website (Because I have a girl crush on her. Plus she gives really good advice about important things, like where to eat when you're in Paris. Which I am ALL the time.) about her detox plan. And that involved food, too. Again, not food I really wanted to eat, but food. (Her food actually sounded even more gross than Yoga Journal. Some things should just never be put in a juicer together.) So I kind of combined the two and went for it.

Here is what I learned. Ingesting nothing but lemon water, herbal tea, fruit, steamed vegetables, and oatmeal leaves you hungry, kind of weak, and a little loopy (throw in the caffeine headache from the lack of chocolate, and I was one fun person!). But, I also felt a lot better after the fact. (Although I seriously doubt I could ever do Gwyneth's "Master Cleanse." It didn't give the details, but they can't be good.)

Turns out, that method of eating works a lot better for my system than what I've been doing for, like, ever. Now I'm trying to work the basic principles of my little detox into my every day life. Along with, you know, greater amounts of food (And some protein, iron, and B vitamins since I'm lacking in those and all). Lemon Water Monday isn't so bad. Mainly Soup Wednesday won't be so bad either. I'm working on spacing various foods out. Making dinner very vegetable based. It's a work in progress, but it's a good thing.

But maybe keep the sharp objects hidden, just as a precaution, until I settle in to this.....


Bacardi Mama said...

I'll be anxious to see how this all works out. It's something I have thought about before, but never tried. Keep me posted.

mommy boo of two said...

I've talked to a few people who have done detox diets and they all said that once you are "cleansed" food tastes amazing, even if it's something you've eaten a million times before. It just tastes great.

Anonymous said...

i've heard about these white strips you stick on the bottom of your feet and thats supposed to detoxify your body too ... haha.