Sunday, March 29, 2009

Why Spring Break Rocked

1. I got to sleep in multiple days. Like, until 8:00! Once even until 8:30!!

2. I got to run outside, in the daylight! Not indoors on a machine while it's still dark , or outside at night when it's getting dark (which I only do once a week because it freaks me out to run in the dark. I try to run fast so I'm home before it's fully dark. I get nervous.).

3. I got to go hiking. Twice!

4. I got to go shopping. Twice!

5. I got to see my nieces and my goddaughters, who are, like, the cutest, sweetest girls in the whole wide world. I am not exaggerating. ( I mean, my 5 year old goddaughter called me last night to make sure I knew about Earth Hour. "Turn out all of your lights at 8:30! For one whole hour! We're saving the earth!" How cute is that? Not to mention completely awesome that she's environmentally aware at age 5.)

6. I read 4 books. Yes, all children's books. But it's the school year. I only read grown up books in the summer. And if you want to read cool book, get Skeleton Creek by Patrick Carman. It's written as a journal, but to get the whole story, you have to go online for the main character's best friend's video posts. And it's totally creepy. The videos actually really freaked me out. (But I'm a total wuss, too.) Way, way cool. And I also really loved they second and third Allie Finkle books, but they're by Meg Cabot, who is my best friend (she just doesn't know it), and pretty much everything she writes just rocks (even the grown up books, which I only read in the summer).

7. I got to eat at my three favorite restaurants on three consecutive days, even though they happen to be in three different states. Those were some good eatin' days, let me tell you. In fact, I had one of the greatest sandwiches I've ever eaten in my life. Drool is forming as I sit here thinking about it. (And, yes, I did stick to my no chocolate for Lent thing, even though four different varieties of chcolate cake were staring at me from the dessert case. And yes, the lemon blackberry raw cheesecake was very good. But I'm thinking Hubby's chocolate coconut raw cheesecake was probably better. I'm just saying.)

8. I got a kicky new haircut.

9. The tax refund came!

10. I got U2 tickets! (Not sure if I mentioned that....)

So, all in all, it was just about a perfect week. It makes me happy to think about it.


Bacardi Mama said...

I'm glad you had such a nice break. I can't wait to see the haircut. Love you kiddo!

InTheFastLane said...

So jealous of the sleeping jealous...
And the vegetarian restaurant looks really interesting, but I may have to find some one to try it with cuz my meat & potatoes husband would laugh at me...