Thursday, March 12, 2009


Right now, Hubby is messing around with the television. He has been for about half an hour now. I know he doesn't really want to. He doesn't watch much television. He's doing this for me. Which may seem odd since I pretty much don't watch television. But, Hubby watches Lost every Wednesday. And I can hear it, quite loudly, though the wall while I'm trying to fall asleep. Which makes it really hard to fall asleep, you know? So Hubby bought headphones for the television so that he can watch Lost and I can fall asleep. And he's trying to get them hooked up and working now. How sweet is that?

He’s a good guy. A really good guy.

In the summer, every weekend, he mows the grass and pulls the weeds and generally takes care of the yard so as to lower my risk of encountering any snakes or frogs or other things that greatly upset me. Once when there was a snake in my path to the garage, he carried me all the way to the garge door, without once complaining that I am a complete sissy or heavy.

On winter weekends, he dusts and vaccums the house, and cleans the bathroom. Since he’s not outside dealing with the yard, that time is open. So that’s how he uses it. Really.

After dinner, he does the dishes. Because I cooked the meal. So he cleans it up. I swear he does this.

Sometimes, when I have aches and pains from running or life or whatever, he’ll rub my shoulders/legs/feet/whatever hurts. And sometimes I don't even have to ask.

He understands that when U2 tours, it is necessary to be at every show that I can get to. And he comes with me. And doesn't say a word when I scream at Adam like a 15 year old. This will come in handy this year.

Sometimes he buys me a gift for no reason. Last week he saw the yogurt that I like was on sale and stocked up for me.

He writes me poems and emails them to me at work. I am so not making that up.

He’s really, really, really cute. Really.

Granted, sometimes he’s a moron. And life has given him a million reasons to just settle for being a moron. But he doesn’t. Okay, so sometimes he does for a little bit, but he figures it out eventually.

He’s a good man. He wants to be a better man. Which makes him an amazing man.


mommy boo of two said...

awww, he is so great :) my big sister is so blessed.

InTheFastLane said...

Awesome. I sometimes have to write these things down, least I forget all the good things and remain annoyed at all the little things.

Bacardi Mama said...

He's a keeper!