Sunday, November 15, 2009

He takes one for the team, and keeps on going.

So, we've been having some plumbing issues. As in our bathtub faucet didn't want to shut off. Ever. It just wanted to keep a steady trickle of hot water going at all times. This didn't really work for us, so we had to call in the plumber. (Okay, first we called in Dad, and he gave it all he had - which is a considerable amount - and declared it beyond his expertise. Then we called the plumber.)

We know the plumber. One of those friend-of-a-friend-who's-kind-of-your-friend things. He's helped us out before. Very reasonably and very ably, too.

So the plumber, and his brother/plumbing partner come to assess the damages. And they're in the basement giving Hubby the lowdown on what needs to be done, how much it will cost.... And they're admiring Hubby's drum kit.

And somewhere in the conversation, the plumber and his brother offer this deal to Hubby - they'll fix the bathroom tub issues AND replace the sump pump in exchange for Hubby's drum kit.

This is a storied drum kit. This is the drum kit that Hubby played in his band days. The band that was very good. The band that had label guys coming to see them. The band that came thisclose to being signed.

It's the drum kit I would never ever dream of asking Hubby to part with, even if he never ever touched them again.

The drum kit that's a big part of his past, and of what he once wanted for his future.

The drum kit that he traded for a new bathtub faucet and a sump pump.

Because, he said, that was a different time and a different place. But that time and place is done now.


Today Hubby got out his new soup cookbook and whipped up some sweet potato - ancho bisque for dinner.

I guess that's what this time and this place is.

It's a very good time and a very good place.


Lyndsay said...

Wow! That must have been tough for him! I'm trying to imagine my hubby trading some of his glory-day baseball stuff for a bathroom faucet and sump pump... I just can't see it (and I don't think my Hubs' baseball glory comes close to comparing to your Hubs' musical glory).
And then he makes you soup - what a day! What a guy!

InTheFastLane said...

That must be an awesome team to be playing for.

Bacardi Mama said...

I agree with InTheFastlane, it's an awesome team you're on. He's a total keeper. Love you both!!

ZDub said...

Whoa, what a nice husband. That is rad.