Monday, November 2, 2009

Musings on Hubby's birthday

Today was Hubby's birthday.

This was his present to himself.

Only he got it yesterday, because that's when the game was. He also got to eat a veggie burger and garlic fries at Solider Field. How much better can life get? Apparently not much. Oh, wait, yes it can. They played Cleveland, so I got to see me some Brady Quinn. (But I don't think he was very excited about that. Hubby or Brady Quinn.) (It was also kind of fun to take pictures there.) (Especially the pictures of Brady Quinn. Even though he's wearing a helmet and all and you couldn't really see him. But you know it's him because, you know, it says "Quinn" on his back.) (It was also kind of cool because I can say I saw Brady Quinn play in college and the NFL. ) (Also, about those garlic fries.... They were still making their presence known this morning. There was some SERIOUS garlic in there. And I didn't even have any.) (Anyway......)

I'm glad that my family is my family, because now they're Hubby's family, too.
And they treat his birthday just like the rest of us kids.
And that's really cool.
Because Hubby's not very close with much of his family.
So it's nice for him to have a little bit of that family stuff now.

I like that he's still wearing the hat that I got him. And that he was excited to receive the vegetarian soup cookbook. Because that's a lot of Sundays that I don't have to cook dinner.

For the next month (almost two months), he's TWO years older than me instead of just one. I'm just saying.

Every year, Hubby wants a Dairy Queen cake. And every year, I try to find the most stupid Dairy Queen cake I can find. This year, I presented him with.....

Yup. Dolphins. Because the monster truck would not have fed ten people.

I'm glad he had a good birthday day. He deserved it.

I love him a lot. Like, a lot a lot.

PS - For my birthday, I want a chocolate cake with chocolate mousse in the middle and buttercream frosting on the outside that a bakery baked special for me. With Bono on it. Again, I'm just saying.


Bacardi Mama said...

It was a fun night and we are very happy to have your hubby be a part of our family. We love him a lot. Love you too!!

Heart2Heart said...

I love the cake you got him. Even though it was supposed to be weird, I still love it. Please pass along my birthday blessings to your hubby!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

InTheFastLane said...

How Fun!
LOVE the cake. i do have to say that I miss the Cold Stone...THOSE are my favorite cakes. But, there is one in my town of employment....yum...

I hope you get lots of good soup out of hubby's birthday.

Stillmary said...

What a nice story about your hubby's birthday and your loving feelings toward him. Very touching!

Lyndsay said...

The cake is funny... heehee... My friend's family had a similar ritual - her dad was crazy about saving money, so every year he would buy the cake that didn't get picked up the day before. So her birthday cakes would say - Happy Birthday Fred, or, It's a Boy! or something ridiculous like that.
Glad you had a fun day!