Monday, April 26, 2010

Sometimes I cheat.

So, I went mostly vegan back in February. And that's been a very good thing, overall.

But sometimes you're at the grocery store, picking up some Tofurky and veganaise, and you turn around, and you're staring right at Ben and Jerry.

And they have a new flavor. And it's a limited edition. (Meaning it won't be around forever, you know. It's limited.)

And it's a convergence of all things good and true. And you just have to.

Just for the record, I love you, Ben and Jerry, with your opposition to recumbent bovine growth hormone, and your commitment to using the finest quality ingredients you can purchase by fair and sustainable means from small farms around the world, and in spite of the fact that you try to tell me there are four servings of ice cream in that container when we all know there's only one.
I do love you so.


Corinne said...

Oh Ben & Jerry...
I sent Lucas out for their chocolate fudge brownie... had I know about the limited edition I would have asked for that!! :)

Heart2Heart said...

I so love companies that refuse to add artificial ingredients to their food. I too, LOVE Ben and Jerry's products.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Lyndsay said...

Ohhhh.... that looks goooodd!!!
Four servings?... really?... I don't think we've ever stretched it beyond 2 in this house!!

Anonymous said...

The stars (cookies?) were aligned. And it is limited, you're so very right.

InTheFastLane said...

I love Ben and Jerry's too. but it kills my stomach, so i tend to eat it two to three bites at a time. True story. i also admire you vegan goals, i could get as far as vegetarian, but, i have to say that I love cheese.