Tuesday, July 13, 2010

on the other side of the dessert table

"She's back up there again? Does she remember that she already had some dessert? And it's not like she takes a small portion. She practically filled her plate on her last trip up there. Yep. She appears to be filling it up again. At least it's a dessert size plate, and not an actual dinner plate. And she's smiling about it? Why? Why doesn't she just apply that stuff directly to her butt since that's where it's headed anyway. Does she even think about how many calories are in that? How much fat? I don't care how much she says she runs or whatever. How can she do this to herself again? Eating like that. That's awful. If I saw my daughter eating so much, I'd definitely say something to her about it so she didn't get fat. Does she not remember that, just a few short years ago, she was actually skinny? For real skinny, not just the appearance of thinness by choosing the right clothes to cover the flaws. I mean, at one point you could see her ribs and her hip bones. Her thighs didn't rub together. And now? Ha! Those thighs must produce some kind of friction when she walks. Does she not see it? Doesn't she realize she's gained weight back? Maybe she doesn't own a scale. Or a mirror. I'll have to remember that for her birthday this year."

tell it to me tuesday

(PS - When I saw Jade's prompt for this week, to write about you from another's perspective, this was the first thing I thought of, so I went with it. But I have to say that in trying to put myself in that place and writing from that person's perspective, I am SO glad I'm not actually like that. As we all know, I have my moments of self-dislike and "fat thinking." And sometimes those moments last for days. But usually I'm the one simply enjoying my food. Not just the desserts, but all of it. Fruit and vegetabgles and tea and toast and everything else. I like to cook it and bake it and eat it and share it with others who feel the same. Because it's good. And why would I deny myself that kind of joy. And I had more of that dessert the next day, too. It was that good.)


Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

Reading this makes me smile. Not in a happy way, or a laughing way, but a wry grin at the irony of the chatty judgey gossips. It makes me feel proud for the person who enjoys food and enjoys life and feel only mild pity for those who place far too much weight in the superficial. Maybe if they worried less about someone else finding their vision of "happy", they'd be a little more happy themselves.

Bacardi Mama said...

I'm so glad you added the p.s. I was ready to head over and knock you up the side of your head. I'm excited for lunch tomorrow. Love you!