Sunday, June 12, 2011

restart and reboot yourself

For the past few days, my neck has hurt. Really hurt. Actually, I've hurt from the base of my spine, down my neck, into my shoulders, and down my back. And my head has hurt, as well. I believe this is what it feels like when several months of pent up frustration/anger/upset/worry/anxiety all begin to leave your body at the same moment.


We went for a walk on the beach after dinner tonight. There was a chilly breeze and huge waves and no one there but us. We walked and walked, but didn't feel the need to talk. And I came home with a pocket of beach glass, lungs full of fresh air, and a slightly clearer head.


It's not very late, but I need to start getting ready for bed soon. The alarm will go off early tomorrow. Not for work, though. We're taking the train into The City for the sole purpose of eating a huge meal at a vegan restaurant, and maybe buying a few things we don't really need, if we see something we really like. Just because.


My list of things to do this week does not exist. Because this week, I do not care what gets done and what does not get done. This week I just want to be. To decompress. So that's what I'm going to do.


jaime said...

Good for you for decompressing. We all need to do that (and I need to do it more often than I allow myself to!) Hope your head and neck feel better very, very soon.

Lyndsay said...

Let it all out girl.
Then eat, shop, sing, run, stretch, meditate, bake, and be merry!