Wednesday, June 1, 2011

you capture - games.

I don't get it. He will search up and down the beach, looking for the "perfect rock." This can sometimes take quite awhile.

When he finds the "perfect rock," he then hurls it into the water. This takes a few seconds.

I think the "point" is to hurl the rock at the exact perfect angle and trajectory so as to make said rock skip across the surface of the water before sinking to the bottom of the lake.

If that can be considered a point.

I think it's a Guy Thing.

Or just a dumb thing.


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Susan said...

How pretty. Love the beach!

deb duty said...

Really pretty photos. Glad he's having fun with the rocks!

tiarastantrums said...

boys - go figure! (love it)

Courtney @ Cooking Up A Family said...

love these shots!

em said...

Totally a guy thing. My husband did that the last time we were near a large body of water!

Corrie said...

at least him searching for rocks gives you a chance to get some great photos!

Stacia said...

My little guy loves rocks, too, but he just loads up his pockets ... He's not quite ready to part with them. Maybe he's got to be a grown-up before that happens. =>

Light Trigger said...

beautiful photos! i like the way sun shines in the photo!

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Light Trigger