Sunday, October 9, 2011

20 good things (a list)

1. Starbucks hot cocoa with pumpkin spice

2. My local Target is once again stocking Archer Farms organic oatmeal. I cannot fully express my joy. The blueberry almond tastes just like a blueberry muffin, fresh out of the oven.

3. peanut butter and jelly

4. The fourth book in the Tiger's Curse series comes out on November 1. I. can. not. wait. I think I like them more than Twilight. Yes, I said it. And I so want Ren to be my hot cursed Indian tiger prince boyfriend. Or Kishan. Either one. I'm not picky.

5. My new art.

6. Sometimes when you are running, Rod Stewart's Do Ya Think I'm Sexy shuffles in. And you start to laugh so hard that you have to stop running for a second because you can't breathe from the laughing. But then when you start running again, there's a little extra swagger in there. Probably from the utter cheeseyness of the song. (Seriously. If you click the link, have crackers handy for all the cheese. It's awesome.)

7. Chocolate. In any form. At any time.

8. The movie Labyrinth. I am forever in love with The Goblin King. You know, David Bowie. Yes, I heart him. I always dreamed it was me in the big, poofy dress dancing with him. Sigh.

9. Four dollars in the Halloween section

10. Coffee Friend came home for a visit, and we got to sit for hours drinking warm beverages and talking/venting/catching up/laughing. Just like we used to.

11. Just in time for fall, I finally perfected my recipe for peanut butter pumpkin pie cookies. With chocolate chips, for extra yummy-ness.

12. I was very skeptical of the salted caramel hot cocoa, but I gave it a try anyway. Turns out I am actually addicted to the salted caramel hot cocoa. Who knew?

13. It's a picture frame. Can you even stand it?

14. Hubby does approximately 90% of the dishes in our house. Not even kidding.

15. I've discovered that hibiscus tea is the most flavorful tea on earth.

16. Sometimes you don't have to set the alarm clock and can just wake up whenever your body decides that it's rested enough. At least, I've heard this is true.

17. Not $4.00, or in the Halloween section. But still very necessary. After all, it does rain here.

18. Just when you think that you can not take one more second of work, the weekend comes.

19. ventisoyunsweetenedgreentealatte

20. Oh yes, I had to. No one can resist Schweddy Balls.


InTheFastLane said...

I LOVE those Boots!!!!
And that ice cream.'s been cracking me up. So many good things.

Lyndsay said...

Your boots are awesome. And yes to salted caramel anythings.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to share your peanut butter pumpkin cookie recipe (including the part about the extra chocolate). Because I'm sooooo curious how 2 of my favorite things (Pb and pumpkin) work together! - a casual lurker