Wednesday, January 18, 2012

getting there...

It was finally cold enough for the snow to last more than 12 hours.

It was finally cold enough to put the flannel sheets on the bed.

It was finally cold enough that, when you looked outside, it looked cold.

It was finally cold enough to take the Sock Monkey Hat out for a run. (The poor thing had been languishing in the hat basket since Christmas....)

It was finally cold enough for frost to form on me as I ran.

Bill Bowerman once said "there is no such thing as bad weather, only soft people." If that's true, I must be rock solid. Because I hope for this, wait for this, dream of this all year long.

There are still thick, warm, cozy sweaters in my closet that I haven't been able to wear yet this year. Boots begging to fulfill their God-given purpose. Hats (so many hats!) that must think I hate them, they've been so neglected.

Come on, Winter. Show me what you've got...

you capture


Bacardi Mama said...

You had to ask. Now they are saying between 6 and 15 inches depending on who you listen to. If the truth be told, I'm excited about it. I love snow!! I think I know where you get it.

JL said...

Not such a big fan of winter, but I sure covet a sock monkey hat.

I don't care for snow or cold, but I think if it's winter it might as well BE winter. None of that namby-pamby balmy thirty-degree business.

Got here from "You Capture" :)

Jenny K said...

Love the hat! Thanks for sharing!

Stacia said...

Frost on your hair. That is hard core. Brrrrrr! Hope you and the sock monkey thawed out with some hot chocolate after your run. =>