Sunday, January 1, 2012



Change is a good thing.

Often necessary, often exciting, absolutely unavoidable.

But still, it makes me nervous.

So new years, they make me nervous, too.

There is the excitement, of course, of the possibilities, the what are you going to do with this big, blank slate before you.

But there is also the unknown, the uncontrollable, the unavoidable.

This year, in particular, makes me a worry a little more than most. There's just so much out there that could go so wrong.

And I try not to see the part of the glass that's half empty. Really, I do try. But it can be hard. For me, especially.


This year.

It seems more important than ever for me to continue my efforts to live in the present moment. And only the present moment. To pay attention, to do my part, to do what I can with what I have, to work to change what I can, to accept (fear-free) what I cannot change.

I can choose my actions, my reactions, my thoughts. That's a lot, really.

I can spend each moment looking and seeing, feeling and being. That's a lot, too.


This year.

Let's hope it's a good one. (Without any fear.)

The sun is shining. Right now, this moment.

That's a good start.

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Lyndsay said...

I need to print this out and read it every 14 minutes.