Tuesday, May 8, 2012

it seems so simple now

the alarm didn't go off.

it's my fault for not checking to be sure that it worked, but still.
it didn't buzz.

and i work up one hour before i was supposed to be standing in my starting corral.


as i was hurrying about, abandoning my tried and true, necessary and needed pre-run routine, i just kept thinking "i've worked so hard, and now this."

i shoved two hours of schedule into thirty minutes of frenzy.

i left the hotel and made my way to the start. in the heat and humidity.

i hoped and prayed.

i started running.

i had a time in mind that i believed i was capable of.

i had a time in mind that was my optimistic hope.

but i stopped my watched before it even got to my optimistic hope.

because i was at the finish line.

stride on.

you capture


Heather said...

There is something simple and lovely about a field waiting to be plowed and seeded. Lovely captures.

Stacia said...

Congratulations on running like the wind! (Sorry, couldn't resist.) =>

Lyndsay said...

That's awesome!!
Maybe the extra adrenaline coursing through your veins helped a bit!!

edenhills said...

Beautiful pictures and a great story. Glad you did well.

Stillmary said...

Such a great and inspiring 'run' story and such beautiful Simplicity pictures. I love the wind turbines the most! Great captures!