Monday, May 14, 2012

lines time

there are three records from my earliest childhood that really seem to stand out in my mind. parallel lines by blondie is one of them.

i can remember playing restaurant in the basement, spending hours making the boring, cement, unfinished basement into my perfect little restaurant. i spent more time making everything look perfect than i did actually playing like i worked in the restaurant. but the soundtrack to the whole thing was parallel lines. singing along to "one way or another" over and over again.

i thought (and still think) that deborah harry was amazingly beautiful. i was slightly enthralled by the cover of the album; the contrast of the black and white lines, the men in black suits, and debbie harry in that excellent white slip dress. and i loved that blondie was the name of the whole band, not just debbie harry all by herself. and i loved that she seemed to be "one of the guys" in addition to being beautiful and talented; i loved the equality of the group.

yes, there were other bands who were more influential or far reaching in my life. but i have to give props to one of the first to really make an impact on me. i will always have a soft spot in my heart, and on my ipod, for blondie.

you capture


CJ said...

Oh I love that song! And I had to smile about your story about playing restaurant - seemed like most of the fun was setting things up! Thanks for sharing :)

Stillmary said...

I loved your story and how your 'line' photos were subtly interspersed and how the lines themselves in those photos were very subtle but very present.