Tuesday, May 29, 2012

it's official

during U2's elevation tour (eleven years ago...) , they played five nights in my city.  five nights. in a row.

i went to all five shows.  then went to work the next day. 

for an entire week, i would go to work, leave work and drive directly to the show, get home around 1am, get up, go to work, and repeat the whole process. 

for a week i did that.  i slept maybe 3 or 4 hours a night that week.

and i was fine.  just fine.

in fact, i was actually happy.  peppy.  in a really good mood.

 and that's just one example of my work-to-concert schedule.  i've done it kind of a lot.

and i've always been fine.  just fine.  not tired or dragging or groggy or anything even remotely like that.

now, admittedly, i've gotten very lucky in the last few years in that most shows i 've wanted to see have fallen in the summer or on the weekends. 

but sometimes, like yesterday, a show that i absolutely must see falls on a worknight.

so off i went, on a worknight, to the concert venue.  like i've done so many times before.  and home i came at about 12:30.  and there was the alarm, buzzing insistently at it's normal workday time.  i'd slept for about 3 hours.  i  got up (not woke up, just got up) and did the bare minimum i had to do to get me out the door.

then i went to work.  tired.  dragging.  groggy.  snappish.  eventually slap happy.  eventually near tears.

and this is what i learned today....

i am old.

so.... will i ever do that again?

hell yes.

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Lyndsay said...

Oh yes, that's past my bedtime too. But worth it!