Monday, August 13, 2012

a spark in a sea of gray

it really bothers me the way life works; the way it tends to be all one, or all the other.  things will be going wonderfully, and then the bad comes.  and comes.  and comes. 

why can't there be some overlap?  why can't there be some good happening while there is bad happening, just to balance it all out a bit?

right now, life seems to be a convergence of unpleasantness.  and it sucks.

when that happens, we tend to look for light wherever we can. and it usually pops up in unexpected places 

i love birds.  (don't worry, i'm going somewhere with this.)  just birds, in general.  i find them to be lovely.  and graceful.  and optimistic.  i could watch them for hours.  sometimes i do.

there is a song on the most recent coldplay album called "up with the birds."  it, too, is lovely, and graceful, and optimistic.  you can actually see the birds gliding across the sky as the song play.  the music is that evocative.

and this past week, it shuffled in, at a particularly difficult moment.  and the words struck.

no i won't show or feel any pain, even though all my armor might rust in the rain.

a simple plot, but i know one day good things are coming our way.

and somehow....  coldplay? or maybe the birds?  they made me believe it, too.

you capture
(and if you wonder how these fit into the letter b?  laser beams, wrist bands, big crowd, chris martin's blue shirt, guy berryman, jonny buckland, coldplay is a band, i'm sure there are more.....)


CJ said...

Aw I hope this week goes better for you. I too hate how everything bad seems to happen at once - but it wont last forever...hang in there :)

Pieni Lintu said...

Hugs for you!

Stillmary said...

Hope things are looking up soon. Interesting take on 'B'. I may not be able to spot the wrist bands but I can see the big crowd and the band. lol.

Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry said...

aaaah! Love that song!

And this post. Great images, especially love the beams!

I hope things begin to look up for you.

joanne said...

you are not alone.....we've all been there and I really believe things will get better....can they get much worse? Hang in there, please...people care about you. even the birds!

edenhills said...

Wonderful honest post. Truly I have been wondering myself when the trend of bad/difficult things might end and start on an upward trend. Hope things get better for you soon. :-)