Monday, August 20, 2012

so just raise your hands in the air and shout

there are days that you wind up sitting in the parking lot at work, talking on the phone to a friend who is 2,000 miles away.  because she'll understand.

there are days that you smile and giggle when you notice that the cat has acquired a new toy.

there are days in which you decide that a little more prayer might not be a bad thing.

there are days that oh my gosh, you just need to escape.  to anywhere.  fast.

there are days that you are excited about something small that won't last long.  but you're excited anyway.

there are days that someone thinks you need a little extra love.

because life?  it is one mad, twisting roller coaster ride, isn't it?

you capture


CJ said...

One day at a time, right? Love the little smiley on your cup :)

edenhills said...

It certainly is! I love the cat's new toy. It looks like something mine would like to wrestle with too.

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

I really miss having the freedom to call up my best friends at any time. Now all communication has to be pre-planned, which means we only talk once every few months.

That new toy is adorable! And boy do I hear you on the escape bit.

Kellie Miller said...

Love the ability to capture life!

Stillmary said...

Great pictures. I especially love the sky in the first one. And yes, life is a roller coaster ride Take it from someone whose been riding it for more than six decades. :)

Tonya said...

As always, I love that you can make your post about life and not just a photo challenge. Nice pictures.

Stacia said...

46 degrees, oh, 46 degrees! I jump for joy when it's twice that this time of year. And then I sweat profusely and spend a couple of minutes with my head inside the freezer trying to cool off. Ugh. Thanks for the vicarious thrill, though! =>