Monday, September 3, 2012

good to the last drop

i decided to like coffee.  i've always loved the aroma of coffee, but the taste?  not so much.  but i read that the caffeine in coffee helps protect against something, although i can't quite remember what.  but it was enough to make me decide to like coffee.
at first i thought maybe it would help me feel more sophisticated or more hip or more something that i'm not, walking around with a cup of coffee.
and then this week happened. 
and people were unnecessarily, unexplainably mean.
and people unnecessarily, unexplainably wanted to make others feel inferior.
and my last test race before my fall goal race was so much worse than i ever could have predicted.
and really, all of these things should have made me cry.  probably sob.
but instead they made me think.
this is my life.  those moments happen, and then they go.  and they are far outweighed and outnumbered by moments like these....


and that?  that was just one morning of one day of one week of one month of one year. 

i'm getting older.  pieces of me hurt, and become hurt more easily.

so i'll readjust, and replan, and rest, and heal.

it will be fine. i will be fine.

the hammer of judgement falls swift and hard around me.  and that's fine, if that's what the hammer droppers need to do. 

drop away.  say what you will.

i'm not listening.  because i don't need to be more sophisticated, or hip, or more anything else.

i'm just going to finish my cup of coffee (or my mocha latte.  whatever.).  because it's still half full.

you capture


Corinne said...

I tried to like coffee.. and I like the fancy kids... but they do awful thigs to me! Trying to stick w/ tea again.. booo... {except I love pumpkin lattes..}

I'm sorry the hurts and meanness happen. I wish so much that you were closer and we could commisserate over hot beverages.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad your cup is half full. Such a shame people are trying to make you see it as empty.

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

So on reading the first paragraph, I was going to write a comment about how you might like to try coffee made from an Aeropress because it extracts the coffee but not the bitter so you get a lot more flavor...and good beans help too (Starbucks too often uses burnt beans)...

...and then I read on and realized that this post wasn't really about coffee, except in maybe the sense that life is like coffee in that it has tones that are rich, tones that are sweet, but yes, also tones of bitter.

I'm sorry you had that kind of weekend. And if it helps any, I totally think you are sophisticated and hip. Anyone who says otherwise just hasn't taken the time to really look.

And I'm glad you're okay and that you're still on the half-full side of things. I wish we could meet in real life because I have a feeling we might be really good friends.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you had the kind of weekend where people try to spill your cup instead of fill it up. I hope the days (and runs) are looking up from here.

P.S. I would love to hold a cup of coffee just for the smell but I can't stand the taste. I'll stick to my tea or occasional hot apple cider instead. :)

Lyndsay said...

I hope the hammerdroppers spill their own damn cups of coffee and burn their groins.


Stillmary said...

Rough week but it'll get better as you know and your photography skills are still excellent. I especially love the first one.

InTheFastLane said...

I do love my coffee....and it is a better way to deal with life than say, hard liqour :)