Monday, August 6, 2012

cycle through

this training cycle started the last week in june, because chiropractor said it could.  i was very grateful that he said it could.

but this training cycle?  it's been hard.  far harder that i expected it to be.  far harder that (i think) it should be.  far harder than it was this spring.

my right knee is eternally swollen.  i cannot, for the life of me, seem to get any speed.  at all.  it hurts. (and by "it" i mean everything.)  and the whole digestion thing?  not me talk about it. 

and almost every day, i tell myself i don't want to.  it's not worth it.  i'm not going to.  and yet...  every day, i do.

today i got a pedicure because my feet were trashed.  i got a massage because everything hurt.  (i think i mentioned that.)  and i saw chiropractor who said "everthing looks good.  keep going."

and tomorrow?  i'll be at the track.  and it will most likely hurt.  and i'll most likely not be able to get any speed going.  but i'll be there anyway.  because when i was told i could go ahead and start this training cycle, i didn't ask questions like "will it be easy?" or "will it be painless?" 

i just said "thank you." 



Bacardi Mama said...

These are the kinds of posts that make me sad because I'm afraid that the same chiropractor is going to say you need to have knee replacements by the time your 40.

edenhills said...

Such dedication, but I hope it really is okay and you don't do more damage. Knees are so tricky.

Stillmary said...

Interesting but tough story. I like that your pictures show what your poor knee contends with. Good luck! And kudos to you on your awesome perseverance!!

Tiffany @ No Ordinary Homestead said...

Knees are definitely tricky. My husband has two that he messed up long ago as a snowboard instructor that punish him all the time.

Hope you are able to complete your goals, but don't hurt yourself too badly.

InTheFastLane said...

My knees give me trouble. And I get this.

I hope this cooler weather has been helping the training cycle at least feel cooler?

mj said...

I totally admire your courage and perseverance, but you should always keep in mind that body pain, like knee pain, signals that your body needs rest. And that your chiropractor's advice to continue with the training the next day might not be the best choice. I've just read a blogger's post about her severe neck pain. She went to a chiropractor, made the necessary rituals to alleviate pain and she was told to continue. The next few days, the pain stroke again and she went off to see another chiropractor and was told to have an MRI. The MRI showed that she had 3 bulging discs and that helped the chiropractor do the necessary rituals for her to never experience a neck in the pain again.