Sunday, January 27, 2013

that's what they'll call us

the first mention came in october, in that cute little 6 year old niece voice.
"we bought you an owl!"
quickly followed by her mother's "you're not supposed to TELL her!"
which is how i found out that my lovely nieces (6 and 4) had talked their mom into buying me a stuffed owl for my birthday.
which is in december.
and from that point, every time i'd see these beautiful girls (once a week or more), they'd be sure to remind me that i had an owl coming to me.
one day, i stopped by to visit and precious little miss 4 was lovingly cradling the owl in her arms.
"this is your owl" with her sweet little grin.
i might have melted a little bit.
and when my birthday finally came around?
miss 6 marched up to me, huge smile on her face, and handed me a beautifully wrapped present.
"we got this for you!  it's a surprise!"
and guess what! 
it was an owl!

now she sits in a place of honor in my home.  (yes, i know she's a she.  her name is willie faye.  after my favorite character in "christmas after all."  i've put much thought into this owl.  how could i not?)

and i bought 2 more owls.  one for each niece.  for valentine's day.  or tomorrow, whatever.

after all they did such a lovely job caring for my owl, it only makes sense they should have owls of their own.

(plus, then we can be owl buddies.)


Bacardi Mama said...

They were too cute. They were so proud of that owl. I was with when they bought it. They will be thrilled to have their own.

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

Awww cute owl!! Great name too!

Barb said...

Oh my gosh, I love every bit of this. Nieces are so fun :)