Sunday, January 20, 2013

uncommonly good

up early-ish, but not because of an alarm, so that's okay. 

a cup of green tea, a pear, and some oatmeal.

stretching as the sun comes up.

out in the freezing cold to defy the elements for a little while.

hot, hot shower.

bundle up and out for coffee with hubby.

back home, he sits at the computer working on his next book and i sit on the couch to finish the book i'm reading.  and some hot cocoa.  and duke ellington in the background.

brownies in the oven.

comfort food for dinner.

a cup of tea and some more reading.

off to bed.


no hurrying.  nothing that must be done.  no place that must be gone to.

days like this don't happen often.

but what a gift when they do.

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