Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday Stuff

So, why is it that with so many advancements in medical technology, you still have to wait two to three WEEKS to get test results back? Really. It seems that there has to be something to speed that up a bit, don't you think? Waiting is only conducive to worrying. And I do enough of that without having a specific worrying goal. I'm just saying......

On a totally unrelated note, in order to get to the doctor today, I had to do my Wednesday evening long run in the morning (which kind of defeats the purpose, but still). And I had so forgotten how much I LOVE to run so early. When it's just me out there, and everything it so quiet and still. And there's no cars or other people. And you can hear the birds (at least until you push play on the ipod). And you get to watch the sun rise. And the air is so crisp and clean. And you kind of feel like you can fly. I love that time and that feeling. It's like anything is possible at that point. I sure as hell don't want to do it every day; I had to get up even earlier than usual to make that happen, which is why the Wednesday evening long run started in the first place. But it was wonderful for today.

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InTheFastLane said...

Seriously. And (at least with several of the recent tests in my house - like and EEG for my son) that the techs completely know whether the test is irregular or not. But, they can't say a thing. AND the doctors ALWAYS call when I am not at home and have to play phone tag to get back in touch with them to hear the results,

And, I do love running in the morning. At least as it gets warmer. I love watching the sun come up, although sometimes I have to be done to early for that.