Thursday, March 25, 2010


I'm down one computer.

It's been dying a slow death for awhile now.

And yesterday it died.

Luckily, we saw it coming, and Hubby was proactive enough to order a new one.

It should be here sometime within the next week.

But, I have to say, I miss my computer already. Is that silly? But I do. It was mine. My things were on it. Are still on it. And I don't know if I can get them back. We saved all the pictures onto an external drive awhile back. But some things are still there. Like every email Hubby has ever sent me, from the just-getting-to-know-you ones, to the just-falling-in-love-with-you ones, to the I'm-not-sure-we're-going-to-survive-this ones, and everything in between. Oh, lots of things are on there. Close to ten years worth of my life. I feel silly for missing it. But I do.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I hope you can recover those e-mails. They tell such a story, don't they?

Lyndsay said...

That's not silly AT ALL! (said by the girl who has every note from her High School BFF under her bed... and the scrap of paper where cuteboy/futureHubs wrote his phone number for me).

I hope you can recover those emails. Then PRINT THEM OUT silly girl and keep them forever.

InTheFastLane said...

That is super duper sad. I hope you can get them back.