Sunday, May 30, 2010

File under "things that freak me out"

Do you see these nuns?

These nuns once belonged to my grandma. They have a little knob on their back that can be wound, and they'll play music. They have been sitting in my kitchen for almost five years. I have never once wound that knob. They have been silent all that time.

Today Hubby and I were in the kitchen making dinner. He was by the stove. I was by the window. Neither of us were anywhere remotely near the nuns.

But they started to play music.

No one touched them. No one looked at them. No one was near them. Hubby didn't even know they had the ability to make music.

But for about 15 seconds, they played their song.

And freaked me out.

Then it was done. They were quiet again.

But the part where I'm freaked out? That's still going on.


Bacardi Mama said...

I think maybe it was just a special hello from grandma Sally. Don't be scared. Love you!

Kirsten said...

We have a wall clock with chimes that did the same thing. They were my mil's. After we married and moved, the clock was in a box with the chimes unhooked and laying in the bottom of the clock and they chimed...on a half dozen different occasions. Very eerie, but I agree. She was just saying hi.

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

Crazy! My hubby had a whole logical explanation about springs slipping and humidity and whatnot. But I say, that would freak me out too!

Lyndsay said...


Just eeeks. I'd be freaked too!!