Tuesday, May 18, 2010

list time - fashion edition

1. I envy everyone who ever owned a Swatch Watch. Especially the ones with the yellow band and the plaid face. I soooo wanted that one.

2. I miss my Tretorn sneakers. Sigh.

3. There will never be a time that I don't wear overalls. I don't care if they're in fashion or not, or if certain people who shall remain nameless tell me I look "frumpy." They're comfortable. (And, just by the way, Gap is currently selling them. So I guess the Gap models look frumpy, too.)

4. I wish I had been a grown-up in the 1940s. Those women had the most beautiful clothing ever. They are probably the reason I am so devoted to skirts and dresses.

5. I love those cotton skirts with the fold-over waist. I wear them from the moment it's warm enough until I'm freezing my knees off in them. But I don't love the "fold-over" part. Do I really need an extra layer there?

6. I refuse to wear shorts. They make me nervous and self-conscious.

7. I hope that empire waist dresses or baby doll dresses or potato sack dresses or something like those will always be in fashion so that I have something to wear on my "puffy" days.

8. I still wear my Benetton sweatshirt from 1988. (Inside out, of course.)

9. I secretly miss big hair.

10. The single greatest shoe ever invented? The Mary Jane.


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Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

I totally love vintage dresses - the 40s & 50s were the best! Can I just tell you how much I salivate when I watch Mad Men? I imagine swing dresses would work well on puffy days too. I love fold-over skirts too. I have a long white cotton one from Anthropologie that I wear seriously almost every day of the week during summer. I tell myself the extra layer slims down my extra layer (kind of like control top pantyhose). (I've always been good at lying to myself about these things.) Shorts and miniskirts, however, are the bane of my existence. And I totally agree on the Mary Jane!

Rachel S said...

I feel the same way about #7-I love the dresses with a high or no waist because they make me feel so tiny inside of it...like tinkerbell :)

Terry Elisabeth said...

I never had a Swatch, never had a Benetton anything. Sigh.
I have given you an award on my blog !

Bacardi Mama said...

You get #6 from your mother. Love you!

Heart2Heart said...

Oh my you really did bring back some great memories from my past. I did have a Swatch watch although not the one you wanted. Mine was the clear band and big face. I too love big hair and still try to do that but notice that my hair is thinning as I age so there is less there than before.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Lyndsay said...

I didn't have a swatch. I didn't have tretorn shoes. I don't think you could get them in Canada.. but there was one really cool girl a year ahead of me who had them. Nothing from Benetton either. I did have overalls though. And overall shorts I think too.
I am also perplexed at the idea of foldover waist. I do not need anything extra there.
And dresses? Yes, lovely. That was one of my favorite things about being in Vegas on the weekend. Each night we would dress up pretty for dinner.