Sunday, May 8, 2011

big pictures

So, when I saw the time on the clock as I crossed the finish line, I wasn't happy. For all kinds of reasons.

But then, about five seconds later, I saw the big picture. Or maybe a few of them.


One month ago, I ran the longest 5k of my life. My time in that race was one fourth of my total time for Big Race.

Two weeks ago, my twelve mile training run was only five minutes less than my time for Big Race.

That's a whole other mile (point one). With only five minutes more on the clock.

When I look at the month as a whole, I see progress.

I can't be upset about that.


The first ten miles weren't so bad. I ran. I kissed bricks. I saw people clogging to YMCA. (Seriously.)

The next two were, um... tough. So I just kept repeating "dig deep... dig deep..."

The last mile was the single most difficult mile I've ever run. I really and truly did not think I was going to make it. I really and truly thought I was going to have to walk. Or stop. Or cry. But I just kept saying "find your strong... find your strong..."

And I dug deep. And I found my strong.

When I look at Big Race as a whole, I see fight and determination.

I can't be upset about that.


Hubby was waiting at the finish with a cooler full of ice.

I can't be anything but grateful for that.


Today I am sore. More sore than I've been since my early marathon days.

My knees are swollen; just a tiny little bit, though.

Today I am smiling.

Because I am happy.


Stride on.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Congrats on digging deep for the half!

Lyndsay said...

See? You were fearless.

InTheFastLane said...

Big pictures are so important. And also why Running is such a great metaphor for life.

I can feel how those last two miles felt for you. Or maybe that is me remembering those same two miles from last year :)

And the triumph is not the time, but the persevering.

Kirsten said...

WTG! Seriously. The big picture *must* be taken into consideration. So so glad that your knees have been relatively nice to you (swollen, but not a lot is good). You dug deep and accomplished this goal. One that not too long ago you didn't think would be possible again.

Fit 4 Life said...

Great Job ! It is such an accomplishment and you had to feel good crossing that finish line ! Congrats and wear that medal with pride. You deserve it :-)