Tuesday, May 24, 2011

you capture - pretty

I live in a tiny little town.

We have a few bars, a bank, a mini mart, a lot of train tracks, and a violin repair shop. I sometimes wish I lived somewhere else.

But then I'd miss the sunsets.


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Kayla Sue said...

I grew up in a tiny town! It was mostly bars, churches, train tracks, parks, and one grocery store. I had to leave because my husband is military, but I am SO excited to go back. You'd miss it :) Especially with those beautiful sunsets!!

tiarastantrums said...

oh - I grew up in a town like that - I don't think I could never do it again - but man did I have a great childhood playing safely!

Bindi said...

They are so beautiful. Here we only see the sunsets before they go behind the buildings all around us.

Stacia said...

And the trees! Wow. These colors and silhouettes are amazing.

Niki said...

That's not just pretty, it's gorgeous!

Brooke said...

Those are such gorgeous sunsets!! The last one is my favorite :)