Sunday, May 22, 2011


I usually feel like the hamster on the wheel; just going all. the. time. Rushing from the moment I wake up in the morning until the moment I lay down at night.

The weekdays are consumed by work, or things related to work, or things required by work, and my silly little biological quirks.

The weekends are consumed by all the things that don't get done during the week, like laundry and grocery shopping and dusting and cleaning the bathroom and stupid, time sucking, un-fun things like that. And, of course, going to work for awhile to make sure everything is ready for the week ahead.

Just going. And busy. And life.

Sundays tend to involve me doing the out-of-town errands to get silly essentials that are usually cheaper at, say, Target than the grocery store. So off I go to buy things like toothpaste and tampons and glass cleaner and cat treats.

But I have a secret.

Before I go do the Necessary Things That Must Be Done On Sunday, I stop at Starbucks. I stop at Starbucks and I get a ventisoyunsweetenedgreentealatte (and sometimes an oatmeal cookie). And I sit in Starbucks. Just because.

I am rarely at Starbucks for more than 10 or 15 minutes, because there is lots that still needs to be done, and life beckons and all. But for those 10 or 15 minutes, I am doing something just for me. Just because I want to.

Don't tell anyone, okay.


Lyndsay said...

I pass the smaller, more convenient grocery store to go to the bigger, less convenient grocery store each week because it sells clothes and house stuff and I can spend a few minutes before I shop looking at pretty things.

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

Yay I'm so glad you do that for yourself! And summer's coming soon, right? That should help, right?

InTheFastLane said...

Sundays, always feel like another day of rushing, trying to get stuff done before Monday. When I can find those days, those moments, it is so worth it. I am glad you found yours.