Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sometimes work is awesome. No. Wait. Sometimes awesome things happen at work. That's better.

So Friday morning I was standing in the parking lot having just arrived at work. I was taking pictures of clouds. Because I was really in a hurry to get into the building.

I have my camera pointed up at the sky, and I hear something faint, but coming closer. I think it's a vehicle. It sort of sounds like music. I look away from my view finder and see a very large, black pick-up truck (a Man's Truck, make no mistake about it) snaking it's way through the parking lot. It's vibrating from the music pouring from the speakers. And even though all the windows are rolled up, I can hear every note crystal clear. I'm pretty sure people eating breakfast in their kitchens across the street could, too. This ubermale pick-up is rockin' to The Warrior by Scandal. As in "Shooting at the walls of heartache. Bang, bang. I am the warrior."

And suddenly I fear I took some kind of wrong turn on my way to work and have wound up in Footloose. And I'm really thinking that out of this truck should come the guy who was Ariel's boyfriend before he beat the snot out of her, making her realize that Ren was really the one for her which she proved by giving him, you know, a music box. (Which is, I am sure, what every man wants as a token of love.) And truly, I have no idea who could possibly be the person behind the wheel of this truck. Especially after they pull in to the staff parking area.

So being oh so casual, as I am packing my camera away, I peer across my back seat and through the window to sneak a glance at who just drove out of Footloose and into my school. And I laughed out loud. Because it was the single most straight laced teacher in the whole building. Maybe the whole district. (The one who's beard and mustache are always impeccably trimmed. The one who's casual Friday jeans are always pressed. With a crease. ) And he is rocking out to Scandal. He is shooting down the walls of heartache. And I've just decided I like him a whole lot more.


InTheFastLane said...

I can remember when a stodgy english teacher opened a closet and had a sticker inside that said "streaking puts color in your cheeks." I looked at her just a little different after that :)

I know a teacher at your school...I don't think this is the one, but can you think of a teacher who reminds you of Ned Flanders, from the Simpsons?

Bacardi Mama said...

Might this be one of the teachers on your team? That is the only person I know of with a moustache at your school. Love you!

InTheFastLane said...

K could be possible, if this truck was like an Expedition type truck...Ned does have a mustache...might teach math?

Chocolate Girl said...

Fast Lane, you know a teacher on my team. The one of whom Mama speaks. And, oh my gosh, I never made the Ned Flanders connection until you just said it. And that is hilarious. And so true. But he is not shooting at the walls of heartache.

mommy boo of two said...

I'm very intrigued by the mystery rocker you speak of. You just might have to inform me sometime :)

And the cookies totally rock!

Anonymous said...

That is sooo funny! I don't care who he is. That story just made my day!